Custom Schemes in v1.5.0

Apr 16, 2012 at 6:14 AM

I tried getting this to work with a custom config file for Call of Duty (first game). Overall I failed to get it working after some changes, but got somewhere.

Found that the custom scheme problem still existed, being that the application still crashed out whenever you tried to switch to your newly saved and created custom scheme. I searched around for the cause of the problem, and it seems that whenever you save a custom config, there are a few noticeable things that happen:

1. The new scheme is written to the schemes.xml file as an incomplete string. Noticed that it might or might not save the name of the config correctly.

a) My fir st scheme save attempt netted name="COD" while the second netted name=""

b) Incomplete string looks like a close tag <Scheme active="False" name=""/>

2. The custom scheme doesn't write to schemes.xml until the program is closed (or crashes out, maybe it attempts to write here?)

Worked around the custom scheme not being loaded by manually editing in the custom scheme. I mirrored Default Scheme, then set the buttons as the were in the drop down menus I'd previously selected for my COD scheme. I then set COD's Scheme-active="True" and the default to false. This got the application to read load the custom scheme on start up. It's important to note that I had to do this with the program closed, as it seems to rewrite the config file from a cached copy on exit. 

When I tried to use this config in game, the mouse worked perfectly, but any buttons set to keys failed to operate. Testing them in notepad, they all seemed to work. It's important to note here that the B button on the controller (set to shift) worked correctly, doing melee. In notepad, hitting the shift key followed by using the d-pad (WASD) caused capital letters to be typed. However, the ESC key, tied to the Start button, did nothing in game.

Out of game, key mappings did different things than they did inside. Found this odd. 

Another thing to mention would be that the custom configs don't show up in the setting window until you reopen it.

I'm running Win7 x64 SP1 and using a wired controller.

Link to dropbox file with my custom schemes.xml and a copy of this post in a txt. 

Compression is 7z. Use 7zip if your unarchiver can't handle it.